Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Missoula XC

After somehow hurting my foot while rafting a few weeks ago, I spent about a week on the couch with my foot up. By the next Friday, it was feeling a bit better so I went out to the XC course and tried a lap. Foot actually felt decent in a bike shoe so I signed up for the race.

When I woke up in the morning, I didn't feel great. Probably needed a few extra hours of sleep, a little more food, and a little less beer the night before (although I wasn't out late drinking by any means). You can usually tell how things are going to go during your warm up and I didn't have my hopes up. Plus harder efforts and pedaling out of the saddle hurt my foot. So on the first climb I found myself going backward and felt terrible at the top, and then the descent wasn't nice on my foot. I got back to the start/finish and stopped. Pretty disappointing, because I had been doing fairly well on wed nights and have missed the Missoula XC every year.

After the race I hung out and watched the other races. I probably should have just stayed at home on the couch because I felt worse the next few days. I watched the next two wed races and took pictures, and over the last few weeks have finally been able to get back to riding mostly normally. And then I had some family in town, took a trip to Canada, and went to a wedding. So I've not been riding as much as I'd like for the last month or so and have been drinking way too much beer. Now I'm pretty much out of time to train for the Butte 100, so that kind of sucks. On the plus side I tried out some harder efforts and felt fairly good. So I guess if I can get in some mileage in the next two weeks and lay off the beer and junk to lose a few lbs I should still be in pretty good shape by the 30th.

And here's a picture from the last wed race at snowbowl. That would have been a fun one, but also a hard one with two laps up the ski hill and down beargrass highway

The TNR group rode there last week and a few of us made it to point six

We stopped on the way down to pick huckleberries

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