Monday, July 18, 2016

Prep for Butte

The Butte 100 mountain bike race is in two weeks, on July 30th. For the most part I did a good job of riding and training this year, and race season started out pretty well. Then, in June I had that foot injury and had to spend a few weeks sitting on the couch. As soon as I was feeling good enough to ride again, some family came to visit, we went to Canada, and then I had a wedding to go to. So there was basically 2 weeks of hanging out and drinking beer after 2 weeks of sitting on the couch. Not really the training I wanted to get in before Butte. Thankfully, I did still manage to get a reasonable amount of riding in once my foot started feeling ok, have cut down on the beer and junk, and last week got in a whole bunch of riding, so I'm starting to feel like I'll be alright. I'll get in a few more good rides this week and then it's time to taper.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Missoula XC

After somehow hurting my foot while rafting a few weeks ago, I spent about a week on the couch with my foot up. By the next Friday, it was feeling a bit better so I went out to the XC course and tried a lap. Foot actually felt decent in a bike shoe so I signed up for the race.