Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Stuff I've been doing lately

Since Butte, I've been kind of taking it easy. That first week afterward was not really comfortable, especially that first Monday shop ride. Google did make this cool sequence of the group going over the footbridge in bonner:

Was feeling pretty weak that day and also on the thursday night mtb ride, but by the weekend I was feeling up for a nice road ride and went from Missoula to Swan Lake, which is 115 miles. Here's summit lake, which is the high point of highway 83:

The reason for the one way trip was that we were going to Canada, a place I'm in a lot. I got a few rides in, drank some good Canadian beer, and did some renovations to my grandparents' basement. Here's the trusty caad 9 near a very large bridge

I was there longer than I'd planned, and ended up staying an extra few days to catch the tour of alberta stage, which unfortunately was in the pouring rain. Here's another nice gif:

Doing the work in the basement got me some extra money, which meant a new bike just in time for cross season:

It's an Orbea Terra from a few years ago, which had been sitting in the warehouse for awhile and was discounted pretty well. Carbon, 105, a little heavier than I would like and the tires aren't that great, but it fits well, is comfortable, and pretty fun to ride, if you like that feeling of constantly being on the edge of crashing and/or getting a flat. I definitely need to spend some more time on it to be more competitive, and the two months of not training very well hasn't helped either.

Shortly after getting the new ride I took a trip to Vancouver. Unfortunately it rained most of the time so I ddin't get a lot of riding in. Did have a good one where I rode from Richmond all the way up to the north shore and up cypress mountain, and then back into town and stopped for a beer at main street brewery.

Well, that's it for now. It's cross season so I guess I'll make another post about that sometime soon.