Monday, August 1, 2016

2016 Butte 100

Well, I raced the butte 100 again, and it wasn't really any easier than last time. I did a pretty good job riding and training this season to prepare for it, although June was not a great month after the foot thing. I did cut way back on the beer and junk food for about two weeks leading up to it in an attempt to drop a few lbs, but without a scale I don't know how much it helped. Anyway, the fitness was acceptable leading up to it and I figured I would improve on my time of 13:15 from two years ago by a pretty good amount. I had a goal of finishing in under 12 hours, which seemed pretty reasonable after I spent a full 40 min at aid station 9 in 2014, and felt like I was moving at a crawl for the last 25 miles.