Sunday, May 17, 2015

Coulee cruiser race report

May 1st is my sister's birthday, and she lives up in Canada where we are from. From riding around there when I visit, I noticed there is an XC race course in town and, given the race was on the 3rd it seemed like a good idea to go up for the weekend and bring my mountain bike.

I got my frame back from repairs a few days earlier and it's looking good as new, so there's that, plus I bought a new front tire.

Instead of the Ikons I've been using I thought I would try something with a little more tread up front. I'm thinking a little more grip will make the bike even more fun to ride, and also faster on the downhill sections. It's still a light and fast rolling tire but has a little bigger knobs, especially on the sides. Ikons have been great and roll fast, and have plenty of grip on hardpack, but when you get into looser stuff there isn't a lot of traction. Will keep an ikon in the rear but so far this new thing up front is pretty good.