Friday, May 26, 2017

2017 Montana Hell Ride

I suppose road racing season is over already, after speedwagon, the hell ride, and roubaix. I wanted to set up some sort of prizes for the people who did all three (there are only 7 of us), but so far that hasn't happened.

Last time I mentioned a possible new road bike, and, well, I have this:

This was Alex at Missoula Bicycle Works' old road bike. He had been riding it for more than a year so it was time for something new.. It's a Cannondale Supersix evo, with all sorts of carbon and electric shifters and whatnot. Uh, really fancy and I am really grateful for the help those guys give me.

Third ride on the wonder space bike was the 91 mile MT hell ride. The last section of the southside road from Alberton to big flat was washed out and so we had to do an out and back, which added miles bit made the course smoother and faster. The dirt was hardpacked and my spring tires worked really well, although I could have just stuck with the 25mm GP4000s which actually measure out the same as these 27s..

Still the higher thread count and slight tread possibly helps?

Anyhow, the hell ride was pretty tough. We were all in a big group going up petty creek, and up the dirt I felt like I was in a good spot. There were a few people ahead but I was with Cory and Orion and a few other guys thinking "this is perfect, I didn't work too hard and we'll catch up no problem." So we're in a group of like 6-7 coming down petty creek flat out in a pace line, can see the guys in front of us at alberton, but never catch up. It was just 45 miles of hard paceline riding back to the finish line.

Do I look happy? I'm not very happy. I hung on with our group, 5 guys were in front of us and we finished with 6, and I didn't sprint at the finish to wind up 10th. Which is the same as last year, but there were more guys and I'm pretty happy with that. we were only like a minute behind 3rd-5th and then a pro and Owen rode off the front group to go 1-2. Afterwards we got some tasty wally and buck burgers and free big sky beer, and Owen's parents hosted the whole thing.

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